what is the community artists program?

The community artists program is a collaborative venture among local for profit/non-profit organizations and local artists for the mutual goal of enhancing community, building good will, and creating a new sustainable business model.


To build community by displaying and selling local artists’ works one location at a time.


Original art for all.

who are the players and what are their roles?

Participating organizations will be funding the ongoing community artists program as part of their Social Responsibility goals. These programs will bring positive publicity to their organizations, increase curb appeal, grow good will, beautify the neighborhoods, and show responsibility to their communities.

artists and non-profits
Local artists and non-profits are given primary display opportunities in city store/window locations that will increase their exposure to their communities. In addition to new display locations, the artworks will be available for sale. Non-profits will be gaining a new external marketing arm to their organization. Ongoing programs and events will be displayed with quarterly change-outs.